Jun 6, 2016

Discover Matlaw’s NEW Recyclable Tray Packaging

Innovative new packaging is sustainable, impactful, and efficient

GLOUCESTER, MA – June 1, 2016 – Matlaw’s, a leading seafood innovator and creator of the #1 Seafood Appetizer in America, announces the debut of its new, bold, and blue recyclable plastic tray packaging. The patent pending, sustainable trays will be available for Matlaw’s 6- and 9-packs of grill-ready Stuffed Clams, as well as Matlaw’s 6-packs of New England Style Stuffed Scallops.

As a business concerned about sustainability, Matlaw’s has been on a quest to create a more efficient, and recyclable, packaging solution for its market-leading line of Stuffed Clams and Scallops for nearly a decade. After finding a partner up to the design challenge, and followed by extensive testing on its production line, Matlaw’s has achieved this goal – creating packaging that appeals to consumers concerned about the environment and that delivers efficiencies for its retail customers.

Made with #2 HDPE plastic, the new tray packaging features an innovative, patent-pending, wave design, a hallmark of the Matlaw’s brand, that not only creates better airflow to the product - enabling a more streamlined production process and compact stacking capabilities for efficient shipping - but also highlights Matlaw’s energy and passion for discovery.

“We’ve put a tremendous amount of thought into the design and development of our new packaging which is already paying off. Our retail customers consider the new tray to be incredibly innovative in the seafood market - a real game changer,” said Todd Almeida, Director of Marketing for Atlantic l Fish & Seafood, who led the effort to develop the new tray and was instrumental in creating its unique design. “Matlaw’s new tray meets market demand for sustainable packaging, optimizes valuable shelf space for our retailers, and makes a distinctive and attractive splash on shelf, setting us apart from other brands in store.”

Matlaw’s new recyclable plastic trays also have an extremely positive impact on the environment, keeping nearly 47 tons of Styrofoam annually from going to the landfill.

Matlaw’s new recyclable tray is also a hit with consumers who’ve put it to the test and said, “Love the recyclable plastic tray! You can see the great quality of the clams. And it’s durable and compact, protects the product better, and takes up less space.”

About Matlaw’s
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